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Primeras noticias del Hellfest 2017 y entradas a la venta

Primeras noticias del Hellfest 2017 y entradas a la venta. Desde el perfil oficial de Hellfest en facebook nos llegan las primeras noticias de la siguiente edición del festival francés. Los días elegidos, que ya fueron publicados, serán los 16,17 y 18 de Junio del 2017. Como siempre los días son viernes, sábado y domingo. Las noticias, que ya adelantemos que no hay confirmaciones de ninguna banda, se centran en mejoras que han realizado a merced de haber leído los comentarios sobre las mejoras a realizar según los asistentes.

Entre ellas, ampliar en un 50% por ciento el recinto y no aumentar el número de asistentes por ellos y de mejorar el escenario de Warzone. En la edición del 2016 ya sufrió mejoras en los accesos y la distribución, pero quieren seguir esta línea. Mejoras también en la obtención y recarga de las tarjetas cashless y aumento de las atracciones y actividades como el skate park, video juegos, etc…
El acceso a la venta de las entradas será el día 6 de octubre a partir de las 11:00 de la mañana en la página oficial de hellfest. Respecto al precio de las entradas, estas aumentan 2€ respecto a las del año pasado.

Esta información es un resumen de la entrevista a Ben Barbaud el director de Hellfest. A continuación la entrevista completa (En inglés):
Avenged sevenfold, Airbourne, Ghost, Alter Bridge, Volbeat, Gojira, Mastodon and so on… Don’t you think it’s too easy to criticize a line up just because you don’t know half the band’s name? At the end, we are proud of the 2017 edition and we ask for a little more of your patience just to finalize it and we hope to make a big announcement by mid-November!

I : OK, so what’s about the tent’s programming, which made the Hellfest so different?

BB : These 4 satellites stages are truly the festival’s DNA, they are its strength. Unlike most of such events which argue only with famous headliners. The unbelievable creativity that grows from these stages is the extreme music‘s future and it’s the most important thing for us, guiding our festival-goers through the discovery of a huge new musical horizon. We want all the people came for the main stages bands to have also a blast with these nuggets. As a proof, here is the 2017 edition! Since the beginning, the Hellfest doesn’t stop digging up rare bands or old split bands you cannot be able to see performing such as Neurosis, Envy, Carcass, Emperor, Coalesce, Tragedy, Eyehategod, Pentagram, Coroner, Celtic frost, Clutch, Bad brains, At the gates, Godflesh, King Diamond, Manilla Road…. We were the first French festival to put them on stage again! I think that the festival’s goal too on these satellites stages, to dig up forgotten or unfairly unknown or new born artists. It’s really unfair and dishonest to hear that the Hellfest is an old audience’s festival just because you can see Kiss, Scorpions or Europe. The festival aims to democratize the music said “extremes one”, what a pleasure to see a first time concert for a kid seeing Marylin Manson and 3 or 4 years after, being with him headbanging under the Altar or the Temple tent! And to read the testimony of a true heavy metal fan having a blast at a punk celtic concert on the Warzone make our day!

I : What’s your reaction to those who say that the Hellfest is like Disneyland for curious people or tourists?

BB : I’m pretty sure that those you call curious or tourists can also discover the world of the extreme music, that they can also appreciate it too and we must be proud of that just because we had ourselves that kind of chance before them. So I can’t really approve that violence against those who want to discover our culture and our passion. Rock n roll never be a music for an elite, it’s just a fucking popular one! Here we don’t like that kind of judgment, everybody is the undereducated and annoying dude of someone, and who can place himself above the other, judging them with disrespect? It’s the festival’s philosophy which wants to mix punks, hardcore lovers, heavy metal fans, teenagers, older, dressed up festival goers, those who have a 10 000 vinyl collection or just the last ACDC cd! So we continue to promote that opened state of mind, our hell music doors are opened to everyone and we are so proud of that! To be honest, it’s a better thought than thinking about Maitre Gims fulfilling his concert spots….

I : What king of big changes can we wait for?

BB : Our team has always been at its fans disposal and tries the best to propose each year another amazing event. Last past year, you were not satisfied by the Warzone lack of space, so we promised to rethink that entire spot. It seems that you’ve been amazed by the big transformation of it and we are so proud and glad you liked our efforts!
This year, as the past ones, we read all your comments and we begun to manage plans to improve some points for the next edition. Let’s begin by our number one priority : that feeling of “too much people” you felt. We thought about two solutions. The first one could be to sell fewer tickets but that would be a drama for some of yours. The second solution would be to enlarge the place in front of the main stages, without opening the place to more festival goers. We decide to validate the second option ; all the artist’s dressing rooms behind the Main Stages will be entirely moved onto the past festival spot, so is freed 1 500 m² (16 145 square feet), 50 % increased space!
We also re think our entry system and Cashless one which generated too much stress for you waiting too long for them. More of that, so much numerous surprises can arise such as only the Hellfest can do, with new sceneries and activities which made the Hellfest an unique event in the musical land in France and in the World, a festival made by the fans for the fans!

I : Will the PASS price be different?

BB : The 3 days PASS will be 2€ higher than the past year. Each year, our productions costs are more and more important. In general, the festivals are considered by artists as considerable inputs especially in a world of people who don’t buy CDs anymore. Our challenge is to negotiate with the artists and that’s not really an easy job. More of that, you must know that the Hellfest is self financed by 99.8% when others festivals received public subventions.
So please understand that a 50 € PASS with a 0.50 € beer in a 170 bands (with 20 headliners fulfilling stadiums) festival with 6 stages is not possible… But don’t hesitate to ask for public subventions to our Ministry of culture for a festival pleased twice by the award of “Best Major festival”!
It’s not true to think that the increase of the ticket is a pure gain for us as the Hellfest Productions is a 1901 law association and not a penny ends in the director’s or shareholder’s pocket! All the Hellfest’s benefits are used to make a better place for the next year and the Warzone, wine bar or Hellgate are such a proof this year!
NB for the haters: the activities like the great wheel, the death slide, the skate park, video games and others do not increase the ticket’s price as they are taken in charge by our sponsors and partnerships!

I : An advice to obtain our 3 days pass?

BB : Unfortunately, we have no clue! Last past year was so surprising that we can’t assure that you will be able to buy your ticket a week or a month after the ticket sales opening! We can imagine that the sales will blow up our official seller web site for sure. We can only give that advice, stay tuned to be priority noticed since Thursday about all the information you need. In a transparent way, you will be informed daily with the remaining tickets. Some of yours will probably scream that it can precipitate the sales but it can also help others not to miss their chance.

I : The lasts words?

BB : A huge thank you to you festival goers, for having made the Hellfest like it is today! So please continue to make it a free space for everyone, to respect each other, to tolerate your different music or clothing tastes, to meet each other with pleasure and to chat or to raise your glass together! Life is too short to argue against someone dressed like Pikachu! A real free space for everyone, that’s it… and with all the sad news all over the world, we must be proud to still have that chance.
So are we waiting for you next June to continue that adventure with us! Thousands of thank you again, to the volunteers too, to the workers and the artists! See you in June!

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