Interview: CHRIS HOLMES (English)

Interview: CHRIS HOLMES (English).

003_chrisholmesHi Chris. Thank you for sharing your answers with us before playing in Spain. How do you feel about coming back? We’re not too far away actually…
I can’t wait to play there . It was a long time for me .Last time i was there i enjoyed it . I     love the culture . i can say a fews Spanish words, i like the food and the people
How’s everything in Cannes?
I haven’t had the police harass me yet like i did every day in L.A Lol

What would you say are the main differences between living there and living in L.A.? Why did you choose Cannes in particular?
The weather is the same just have to deal with different culture and food that’s all. My wife is french from Cannes then it is a easy place to live when we are not in tour.

What can you tell us about your new album “C.H.P.”? Some songs like “Let It Roar” or “Born Work Die” are already classics… they have more than 400K visits on YouTube!
C.H.P is a compilation of my 2 albums solos with a bonus of 2 lives songs

What does C.H.P. stand for by the way?
Chris Holmes Production

What kind of impact has the technology had on you when we speak about recording a new album?
I like the digital because its ten times faster , you don’t have to wait for the tape machinate to rewind back to zero , you don’t have to plug in the effects , you don’t have to drag around too much inch tapes but you lost the analog sound . Next one will be probably analog

How did you find the members of Mean Man? What were you looking for?
By stroke of luck .Friends of friends in Nantes turn me on to friends in Cannes that introduce me to douchebag ( the guitar player ) who knew of Chief ( the bass player ) . then i met Folkert ( the drummer) at Adam Bomb show

Has there been some kind of approaching from Blackie lately? Do you think there will never be any kind of relationship again?
As for the first question NO . As for the second question as you know Blackie is totally religious and he doesn’t want to talk to anybody who doesn’t believe in the Bible . Since i’m not a religious person , for me to be a part of the reunion in WASP is not gone to happen . I hope he will found peace in God

Could you share with us your best and worst memory from your W.A.S.P. Era?
My best memory is in 84 when we got a record deal , my worst memory is when i found out i don’t get a penny from my publishing

Back to your project, which countries do you plan to visit on tour this year?
Every countries that allows Rock music to be play in lol. September, October and November will be busy months with just talking about Holland , Scandinavia, Germany and more coming

Thank you so much for answering our questions. See you in Spain!
Thank you to your time and see you soon

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